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Our painting Paris grey, remember winter Paris, French style and Nordic colors.High coverage on light and medium colors.

Water-based paint, washable, multi-adherent to any surface, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, fabrics, wall, wall ... It does not need priming, nor sanding prior to painting.

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IMPORTANT: this is an ACRYLIC ENAMEL, no water-based paint, no chalk paint, ENAMEL ...

1.- Does not require SANDING before painting (on non-porous surfaces, it is advisable to scrape the crystal with a sandpaper, to facilitate mechanical adhesion, in addition to chemicals)

2.- Does not require PRIMER, adheres to any surface, wood, metal, glass, PVC, fabrics (can be washed), skin, skay, melamine, ceramic, wall, ceiling, galvanized, tiles ... other materials that have not yet been tested but you will tell me.

3.- It is inside and outside (you can leave your furniture in the open) will resist like any outdoor synthetic enamel.

4.- It is to WATER; it is washed with water, diluted with water, soap is not needed for brushes (no acetone), it will be because of the enamel.

5.- It supports HIGH TEMPERATURES, it is possible to paint with radiators, boilers, extraction bells, chimneys ... any surface whose temperature does not exceed 80 degrees by human contact (the interior of the furnace, we can not paint).

6.- No YELLOWS, that is to say it contains UV (UV) filters that protect the colors of the sunlight by avoiding that they oxidize quickly and we have changes of shades in the painted pieces. Ojo !! Everything has a limit, to the Solana of the Spanish Levante, do not expect to withstand more than 4 or 5 years, will clarify with time, logically.

7.- It is WASHABLE, you can clean with any product its surface, its food residues, its paints, its greases, its solid products.
8.- It is TRANSPIRABLE, which means that the wood breathes and allows the furniture to expel moisture by young wood or climatic problems.

9.- It is very ELASTIC, it admits contractions and dilations of the wood, avoiding to break the paint (if you crack the product, you must do it with the hot heat pistol almost crude and the craquelador must have dried in to touch).

10.- It does not need FINISH, unlike other products, we must not give varnish or waxes to protect our works, only in a decorative way.

11.- CURRENT AND DRY at 48 h. or 72 h. depending on the weather, and this is important because we will have to rely on the last hand applied, if we do not let the product dry does not acquire its properties. (do not paint the drawers, then put them in the cabinet because they stick to the structure, and the chairs inside the table you have to wait, freshly painted, although dry to the touch, is damaged).

12.- COLOR RANGE, allows us an infinite number of finishes, Shabby Chic, knotty styles, Swedish, French, Provencal, industrial, we will increase our range, and this is growing, and we will always have the elders (for me it is important because it sometimes repeats a customer and the color I wanted is no longer manufactured or interrupted, which is a constant problem)

13.- Supports ALL FINISHES, lacquers, varnishes, waxes, cutting, transfers ...

14.- The metallised range is not OXIDABLE, in front of any enamel or metallic acrylic, of the market which tends to blacken, in contact with the air.

15.- And it is more ECONOMICAL, its market price of 17,00 €, average, its performance (containers 3/4 m2 of 250 ml) twice as much as any other product in the same quantity, and. .. if we do not need sand, we do not have to buy primer and we do not have to buy a varnish or wax to protect, I think it's clear why I find it cheaper.

and 16.- It is DONE IN EUROPE, of high quality Made in EUROPE.

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